Ways to Recycle Bi-Fold Window Doors During Remodeling

When you are working on a home remodeling, one of the items you may end up with are bi-fold window doors. Though your first instinct may be to toss them in the skip bin or donate them to a local home building charity, there are some ways you can use them yourself. In fact, you may be surprised how versatile the bi-fold window doors can be in your home, especially if you want a rustic look. Here are a few of those projects and how you can use them.

Family Mail and Note Center

One of the easiest ways to recycle the bi-fold window doors is to use them as a family mail and note center. You can repaint the doors or leave them as they are. All you have to do is add hanging clips to the back of the doors and hang them in an appropriate location in your kitchen or family room. Using the slats, you can place mail and notes on the bi-fold doors. This keeps mail, notes, and other papers in one location, keeps them secure, and frees up counter space that normally would be taken up with junk mail.

Bi-Fold Children's Bench

If you are having a problem finding a bench that fits your little one's size and needs, this may be an ideal project. This project requires you purchasing wood table legs from your local hardware store or salvaging them from an older table. Cut the legs to fit the size requirements you need. Open the bi-fold window door and secure it to the four legs.

If there seems to be some weakening issues in the middle, add a stabilizing beam or cross beam underneath to give more support. Paint as needed. You can also add a bench pillow to the bench to make it more comfortable and keep little fingers from being caught in the slats.  This can also become an ideal entryway bench for decor purposes.

Jewelry Hanger

If you are having a problem keeping your jewelry organized, or you find that you have it taking up space on dressers and in drawers, then you may want to consider this jewelry hanger project. This project is similar to the mail center project in that you only need to add wall hangers to the back of the bi-fold door. You can then hang earrings, necklaces, and even rings on the hanger by using the natural hooks on the jewelry or by adding craft hooks to the slats of the bi-fold doors. If you plan on doing this project, you should note that if it will be in a bathroom it will need to be watersealed to prevent rotting or mould.

Most of the items you need for these projects can be found at local craft stores and home improvement stores. If you aren't sure what type of hangers and wall fixtures you need to make your project come to life, a sales associate can assist you.